Philothea Club – MUREŞ AREA

The project started in: 1994

Profile: Youth and children’s mission

Number of employees: 2

Number of volunteers: 16

Project Manager: Belényesi Gabriella, 0757-022534,

The Philothea Club aims to pass on Christian values to the next generation, helping children and young people in their journey of faith. To achieve this, the club organizes several programs: Bible studies, children clubs, teen clubs, vacation programs, thematic prevention classes in schools, pastoral care, summer camps. Number of young people reached per year: 800.

Regular activities:

  • Good News Club – for children from elementary school
  • Mini-teen Club – for children from general school
  • Teen Club – for teens from high school
  • Summer vacation children club
  • Parents’ School – for adults
  • Prevention classes – thematic prevention activities in high schools
  • Summer camps for every generation
  • Mentoring
  • Library, Christmas fair