Hannah project – MUREŞ AREA

The project started in: 2010

Profile: Diaconal

Number of employees: 1/2

Number of volunteers: 0

Project Manager: (LEAP program leader) Szabó Ilona, 0754226186, ilona.s@hopeandnurture.org

Description: As part of the HANNAH project, we met a little boy who had been left in the hospital by his mother. His name is Rupi. Our work began with him. Our Heavenly Father placed this project in the hands and hearts of a couple from New Zealand, Alice and Ken Winter, who have been representing the New Zealand Open Home International Foundation since 2010. This work, with their support and the cooperation of the Târgu Mureş CE Association, covers the pediatric TBC Hospital and the TBC Prevention Center. After the prevention center had to close because of the virus, the children were returned home. In this period we switched our focus to the families. We currently provide services to 4-5 disadvantaged and gipsy families. After the pandemic, the children will return to the prevention center, where we will restart the activities. The children’s age is between 3 and 14 years old. After they return they will be locked up in the center for the entire year and they will be allowed to go home only 2 or 3 times a year for 10 days. The prevention center provides them schooling, treatment and safety. We think that’s not enough! With our support, our presence, our love and our programs we try to bring joy, games and fun behind the white walls or into the lives of families.